Liebster Award

Hello there!


I have been nominated by an awesome fellow blogger, Olivia, for the Liebster award.

Here is her blog:

Thank you so much Olivia! I am so excited to do this. 😀



So, here we go!!! …… :


First, let’s cover the rules. Yes, the rules. Always the rules. But hey, these are fun ones!!!



-Link back to the person who tagged you

-Answer all 11 questions

-Tag 11 bloggers who have less than a thousand readers

-Ask them 11 questions

-Let them know you’ve tagged them through social media



Now, since I’ve gone over the rules, let me present to you what Olivia’s questions were, and, of course, my answers. 😀


What is your favorite book?

Man, that’s a real hard one! Well, I really enjoyed reading The Giver, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games series, and numerous other books. I seriously cannot decide what book is my favorite! Sorry Olivia! 😀

What is your favorite film?

Okay, so I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars.

What is your favorite subject at school?

English for sure. No doubt about it.

Are you good or naughty at school?

Well, I’m homeschooled, so as far that goes …….  um ….. most siblings aren’t exactly angels when they’re together so ……. do you get the picture? XD

Dogs or cats?

DOGS. DOGS, dogs, dogs. Definitely. Cats aren’t the sweetest of God’s little animals, and act as though they should be waited on hand and foot! Not to mention, my cat Agnes has two moods. Either she’s super calm and purrs non-stop, or she claws at your legs, drawing blood in process, in the effort to make us laugh. Grrrrrrrrr. Dogs over cats ……………. always. 😀

Film or TV series?

Hmmmmmmm. I don’t know. Since that answer was super boring, I’ll tell you what my favorite TV shows are.

I really enjoy watching Fixer Upper, which is about two (real) people, who’re married actually, and they fix up junky houses for people.  Johanna, (wife) can transform an ugly 1900’s house into a modern dream home! Chip (husband) does most of the dirty work, like, tearing down undesired walls, and laying bricks and tile. Oh, and I just recently found a new TV show called Little Big Shots, and it’s about a bunch of little kids with crazy amazing talents!

Favorite Youtuber?

AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! That’s so hard! Well, I love My Froggy Stuff, and Mark Crilley’s drawing channel. (Literally named Mark Crilley!) Boy, (sigh) that’s a hard one. Let’s just say both.

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever been in?

Oh man. Well, one time I had weed the WHOLE garden. I can’t remember what bought me that punishment. Anyways, our garden has three garden boxes total. One super long one up against the fence, and two big rectangles in the middle. The garden, (at that time) was totally overtaken by weeds, and if weeds were the dark side, well, let’s just say, the good side would be toast. XD So, the only other thing I could do was take breaks for meals, water, or a potty break. And, of course, bedtime. I couldn’t do anything until I finished the WHOLE garden. It took me THREE WHOLE DAYS. And, it was in the middle of summer, so I got hot, and the dirt was like clay!!! Painful, painful, I say!!!

Least favorite film?

Epic. Frozen. Ugggghhhh. <shudder>

Least favorite subject at school?

MATH. If I didn’t have to do math ………… (whistle) well, that would just be … paradise!!!

Do you prefer fiction (made up) or non-fiction (fact) books?

Fiction for sure!!!! If all the books in the world were Non-fiction I think I’d probably die!!!


Okay, so here are the people I nominate:


  • Megan
  • Maddie
  • Janie
  • K.A.

I don’t know of too many people to nominate, so if you’re reading this, and think it looks fun, please, participate!!!

Everyone who has been nominated:

I’m sure all of you have been nominated for this before, so if you don’t want to participate, then no problemo!!!!!!!!!


As for my questions for you, here you are! …:

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?

2. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

3. What is your favorite thing to collect?

4. Your favorite animal?

5. Are you a girly girl, tom girl, or a little of both?

6. If you could have only one thing for your birthday, what would it be?

7. Are you shy, crazy and silly, or reserved but kind to people? If you are none of the “above” then what are you like? (Don’t worry about sounding too self-absorbed! After all, you ARE describing yourself, so it’s going to sound like someone talking about themselves!)

8. Do you like cats or dogs best?

9. Depending on your answer to the previous question…

a.   If you chose dogs, do you like small toy breeds best, or big slobbering breeds better?

b.  If you chose cats ….. flat faced or normal; long haired or short?

10. Would you rather be climbing trees and running outside, or curled up with a good book and a snack inside?

11. What is your favorite movie? Why?



Thank you so much for reading this horribly long post, and if you decide to participate, I hope you have a bunch of fun!!!!


If not, don’t worry about it! I totally understand!


Have a wonderful week,


Zoe 😀


Sylvanians from Christmas

This is just a quick post introducing my newest Sylvanians.


Henry-Lloyd Brown Dalmatian Family

image1 (2)

Top to bottom: 😛






By the way, sorry this is such a weird pic! It was taken while I was texting my friend randomly!  :d And I don’t know WHAT Ben has on his pants! 😀 He, he!


Harvey Cat Family


Left to right:






Same case with this pic! Random, super quick, and taken for the purpose of an intro for my friend!


Anyways, they were happy to meet you, and I am so glad you came to my blog! If you like what I’ve been posting, be sure to follow me to get notifications when I make new posts! If this just isn’t your thing, don’t worry ’bout it!

See you next time,

Zoe 😀 😛

Blog Recognition Award

Hello All!

I am so sorry I disappeared for three months! I was a little busy with Christmas and getting back into the school routine. Well, I’m back, and now you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. Anyways …

I’ve been nominated for the Bloggers Recognition Award by Olivia. You can visit her blog here:

This is my very first time doing something like this, so I apologize if I get something wrong. 😀 Anyways, here goes!

These are the rules:

• Tell how your blog got started and give a bit of advice to new bloggers.
• Nominate bloggers to receive the award and notify them on their blog. No tag backs.

How Zoe’s Sylvanians came to be:

It all started when I was spending time with my mom a few years ago. I was reading an adorable little book, and remembered seeing Calico Critters many months before. I quickly told my mother I wanted the Mace mouse family for Christmas, as they matched the characters in the story perfectly, and I wanted to make my own little mouse family and scene. Over time I forgot about them until I opened my first family on Christmas. I gotta admit I was rather disappointed at this sight, as I had not been expecting it. But, I soon realized I loved them, and that was the beginning. And yes, I got the Mace Mouse family; the ones I asked for. 😀 More detail on it under the “About” page.

Advice to beginners:
• Like everyone says, take good pictures. Wait till the lighting is good, and if you’ve missed the opportunity for the day, wait till the next day. When people say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” they are correct. In fact, I’d say a picture is even worth a million. Be sure to take clear pictures and wait for good lighting. It pays off. Your blog will appear more professional and sophisticated … and that’s always a good thing. Right?!
• Be sure to tell a little about yourself either when you make one of your first blog posts, or have a page just for that. Most people like to know whose blog they are reading, and what type of person you are. A majority of people like it when they feel they can have a relationship with the person behind the blog, even though I strongly believe that technology is no substitute for real live conversations.
• Be sure to respond to all people’s comments, and thank them for following you, (if they do so) either by commenting or emailing them if you have their email address. Often times it can come across as rude if you do not respond to someone’s comments. If someone doesn’t respond to you though, don’t be irritated. They are probably busy or just forgot. Be sure to like other people’s blogs, and leave lots of comments. It’s a nice way to say “Hi” or just be friendly. (and to enjoy yourself. :D)
• Do fun things every now and then to make your blog fun and fresh. Every now and then you might change the background color or picture, or change the heading depending on the nearest holiday. You could even do little giveaways, which I have to do sometime. 😀
I will nominate:

Mimi’s Little Sylvanian Town
Life in Sylvania
Mouse and Flower
Aternum Somnium

Please note that you do not have to do this. It is supposed to be fun, so if you do not wish to participate, no worries at all. 😀

Zoe 😛

Plastic Animals?

Plastic Animals?
Yup. You heard it. CC and SF need pets too! Just because they are animals themselves does not mean that they cannot have a pet. I mean, it would be weird to see a SF walking a human! So, my CC and SF DO have pets.
I buy them at craft stores. Some of the proportions are a bit off, by hey, SF are pretty unrealistic too, right?
Every time I go to Hobby Lobby I get a horse, but before I leave, I am always sure to print out a 40% off coupon or upload one on a phone. Instead of paying $7-8 on a horse, I get them for around $4-5. The coupon helps a lot!

The dogs come in a pack of ten, the cats come in a pack of ten, and the birds either come in a pack of ten or twelve . . .

(Whoops! A horse’s hoof in the very corner of the picture! You caught me in the act of “animal cruelty”! :D)

They seem happy don’t they? Why rob them of the chance to have pets?

New Bios for Old Families

Hello everyone! I am finally getting a few bios done!

Outback Koalas

Alex Outback
Alex is a construction worker as well as Mr. Friesian and Mr. Mace. He loves to build, and so he enjoys his job so much, he hardly ever wants to stop. Because koalas are so good at climbing, he isn’t afraid of heights, so he is sometimes found doing risky things on the top of the buildings they have worked on. Of course, he doesn’t always work. At his home, which is in a tree, he really enjoys having a nice glass of lemonade on the balcony with his wife. With his kids, he often tries to teach them their alphabet and numbers. Little Adeline catches on quickly, but baby Josiah hardly can say Da da or Ma ma, much less even understand him. He is a happy dad.

Julia Outback
Julia is a wonderful mother, and a wonderful wife. She respects her husband, and is submissive to him, and completely acknowledges the position she is in as a wife. She is a stay at home mom, and does an excellent job at housework. Even with the two children, both under three, and a dog, she keeps her little house clean and tidy without a single stain in the carpet, or any dust on the furniture. She loves to watch movies, and especially loves romantic ones. She is very sweet, and makes everyone feel welcome. When she does laundry she always hangs the clothes to dry outside on a rope from her balcony to a branch outside of her lovely tree house. She loves to organize.

Adeline Outback
Adeline is a proud learner of the ABC’s, and the 123’s. She walks about, telling everyone she sees that,” I, Adeline Outback, is wearning ABC, 123! Is dat not awesome!?!” Of course, her language is a little off, but, she has only just turned three. Everyone laughs when she recites her 123’s. This is what she says: “One, two, tree . . . five, sick . . . um, um . . . four, teven, eight, ten! Wasn’t dat amazing!?!” She has no idea how silly she sounds! She loves to play with her dad, and also likes to experiment to see what baby Josiah does when she touches different parts of his body. She is a feisty little one.

Josiah Outback
There is not much to say about baby Josiah. He is loud, he is happy, and he is messy. He likes to sleep, eat, and watch his mom do housework. He likes to pat the dog, and sleep with the dog, and he likes it when the dog licks him. He often enjoys sitting outside, except for when he is not in the mood. Then, he tells his mom he want inside by crawling to the door. Then he is plopped on the couch and touched by his big sister.

Chestnut Chipmunks

Sally Chestnut
Sally is a great lady with a kind heart. But, after her husband suddenly disappeared, things got very hard for her. Now, she is often sad, but manages to wear a big smile wherever she goes. She is a trooper, and a very good mother. She lives in a small house, but makes the most of her tiny little place. As soon as you walk in you see a cheerful home, as if Mrs. Sally had put her feelings right into her decorating. She works as a cook at the Orphanage.
Rose Chestnut (left)
Being the oldest, Rose takes on the responsibility of watching and overseeing what her sister does. She is twelve, and enjoys babysitting and petsitting, which comes in handy for especially the kids in the orphanage, and the Outback’s. She is paid for it, and loves working at her age. Her favorite thing to do when she has free time is write stories and draw pictures. She dreams of becoming an artist or a writer when she grows up. Her best friend is Anne.
Violet Chestnut (right)
Violet is a cheerful little ball of energy. She enjoys doing cartwheels and handstands outside, and swinging on the monkey bars. Her absolute favorite thing to do is play soccer. She loves to run around and score goals, and at the age of eight, she has a pretty impressive amount of scores she has made within this season. She likes to watch TV on Saturdays when her sister is busy so she doesn’t have to be watched constantly.

Chocolate Rabbits

Sapphire Chocolate
Sapphire is a wonderful mother that is always there for her child. Since her husband works very far away from home, she lives alone with her daughter. She is named Cynthia. Sapphire is an amazing wife, but often wonders when she gets to be one. Because she hardly ever sees her husband she ends up dreaming about him returning from one of his crazy long expeditions, only to wake up and realize he isn’t there at all. She misses him terribly. She enjoys climbing trees, jogging/running, push-ups, and other physical activities. She is a very fit lady and is teaching her daughter to follow in her footsteps. She works at “Yellow” the clothing store. She is a hard worker.

Cynthia Chocolate
Cynthia is a happy child. At the age of ten, everything is fun and games. Nothing better. She is doing great in fifth grade, and gets straight A’s. She tried to please her mom by doing physical activities, but secretly, she hates it. She really enjoys swimming more than anything else, but other than that she enjoys designing clothes for her mom and herself. She very skilled with the sewing machine, and has made several dresses for herself and her mom including the ones they have on now. Critters pay her for her clothes. She is a fun kid to be around.

Thorn Rats

Luke Thorn
Luke is a fun and silly dad. He does not enjoy exercising, but his wife drags him out every now and then. He owns the apartment complex, and gets money from the people that rent one of his apartments. He loves to sit down and have a cup of coffee every morning with his son, and they talk about things like sports, and the plan for the day. Sometimes the ladies join. His absolute favorite thing to do when he is not working is build things, and swim when the weather is nice.

Petunia Thorn
Petunia is a very sweet mother, and a gentle lady. She works at the Apple Blossom School. She teaches 4th- 5th grade. All her students love her, and she really enjoys having them as her students. Petunia enjoys exercise, and is very, very fit. She likes to go on field trips with her students and is looking forward to the day when her daughter will be in her class. She is a diligent worker, and when she is not teaching, she either cleaning, cooking, or helping out at the pet shelter.

Benny Thorn
Benny is a funny, energetic, acrobat. He is in 9th grade, and is 14 years old. He loves hanging outside, and also in his room… where all his books are. One time his parents hadn’t set a bed time for him, so he stayed up, reading, until 7:00am in the morning when his parents came to wake him up! He is often found in the highest spots you can possibly be, which scares his parents. He has had broken legs and arms multiple times. He is very funny and cheerful.
Lucy Thorn
Lucy is a quiet, shy, and happy little seven year old. She loves to read, and especially likes Nancy Drew or other mystery books. She likes to write stories, and can read books that are way above her grade level. She enjoys sitting at home and talking with her friends. Her favorite color is purple and blue and enjoys the nature outside. She loves to feel pretty and is enjoying her new dress. She likes ice cream.

By the way, I apologize for the funky spacing in between bios. 😀

Making Clothing From Fabric

In order to make these clothes you will need fabric, ribbons to decorate you clothing with, and then patterns. Some of the patterns I use can be found on a link at the bottom of this post. As I said earlier, Mimi requested that I show her some tutorials for clothing. I made one here, and I decided to do another, and possibly a few more . . . but don’t hold me to it!!! 😀 I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you like this one, be sure to check my other tutorial for clothing out!

So, to start, take your pattern that you want to use, and tape it on the fabric. (roll up the tape to double it, and stick it on the back, then peel it off when you are done) Cut out the required amount.


Now, instead of using a needle and thread to hem the fabric, use hot glue, and fold it over to make the “hem”.

Here are a few more steps I took to make the shorts for my meerkat.

Add Velcro to the back, and you’re done!

Have fun!!!!

Clothes Patterns